Justin Thomas Chirping Patrick Reed About Maybe Cheating Is The Best Possible Thing For Team Morale At The Presidents Cup

Boom roasted, Patrick Reed.

But I’m serious about that being the best possible thing for Team USA’s chances at the Presidents Cup. I mean Team USA is probably gonna boat race the International team regardless, but you just know Reed’s kinda sorta maybe cheating moment in the Bahamas over the weekend was the elephant in the locker room as soon as everybody arrived in Melbourne. So JT chirping Reed publicly lets everyone know that it’s a thing his teammates can (and likely have been) rib him about in front of everyone and it’s not a big deal. It’s not gonna rip the locker room apart or anything like that whatsoever. That was just guy beings dudes busting balls.

And I honestly don’t think Patrick Reed cares in the slightest that JT did that. I’ve been to enough golf tournaments now and watched Reed enough times that I don’t think he cares about anything. Like at all. I really don’t. It’s actually pretty fascinating. Nothings fazes him. He always has a smile on is face and he’s always laughing and joking with the other players. He does not seem to care about the criticism he receives or the controversy around him seemingly at all time, none of it.