Bruins Mailbag - The Bruins Need To Solve Their 2nd Line Right Wing Problem

The Bruins are in the midst of a 3 game skid what's on everyone's minds?

Can the Brett Ritchie experiment be over with already?? Would Rather see Backes than another minute of Ritchie.

I've tried to be fair these last few games with Ritchie especially because he's coming off an elbow infection/injury, but man, he just doesn't seem like he can stick in the top six. 13th forward at best right now. I think Par Lindholm's PK abilities should put him back in the lineup over 18.

I’m freaking out. How can I stop from freaking out?

Well for starters the Bruins are 11 points in front of the 2nd place team in the Atlantic. They're also 2nd in the NHL in points. The sky isn't completely falling yet. They're just not playing their best hockey. Glass half full they have loaded up on points and we haven't seen them play their best. 

Does Anders Bjork have a chance to stay at right wing? Is He The Answer To the 2nd RW?

It's safe to say Anders Bjork has earned himself a spot on this roster, the Bruins started him on his strong side at left wing and we got a glimpse of him at right wing at times yesterday in Ottawa. If the Bruins want to keep him at right wing, I think the best place for him to succeed would be with Marchand and Bergeron. The Bruins 2nd line RW problem is nothing knew, and Cassidy is reluctant to split up 63-37-88, but I think with such a cushion in the Atlantic it is time for Bruce to experiment with AB10 as 1RW and David Pastrnak as 2RW with David Krejci and Jake DeBrusk. It would balance out the lines but again, Bruce Cassidy likes a sure thing in the Perfection Line. We saw Bjork develop a little bit of chemistry with Charlie Coyle, but it's a puzzle right now and Cassidy is trying to put the pieces together.


Yet another stinker from Rask. Worried or no?

Not at all. That's the blessing of this tandem. One guy not playing well the Bruins have faith in the other. I think last night's game vs Ottawa is an outlier. Not worried about Rask. 

How is your wedding planning going? Where is Pres sitting?

It's expensive stressful and exciting all at once. TBD where Dave sits but it'll be in a good spot.

What is the asking price for Hall from NJ and are the Bruins able to nab him in a trade? Would they take Krug for Hall?

Well Krug for Hall defeats the purpose for NJ as their both UFA's at years end. Obviously Taylor Hall in Boston would be unbelievable, we talked about the revolving door of players on the 2nd line RW. David Krejci would LOVE Taylor Hall. But I just don't see it happening money wise and package wise. NJ would demand a big haul that probably starts with a 1st, Vaakanainen and +++. I just don't see it happening. Even if NJ retains salary, they're going to want NHL ready players or roster players and I'm not sure if I'm Don Sweeney I do that. Especially since it'll be difficult to re-sign Hall in the summer. Hall is gonna get paid in July and rightfully so. Bruins would love to have him but the cost will be too high. I still think Tyler Toffoli is their best bet in a trade. Hall would be a dream though.

Would you rather never have sex again or the Bruins never make the playoffs again?

Well if the Bruins never make the playoffs again then they can't win the Cup again. So I'd give up sex. 

If you were Butch what're your ideal 3rd and 4th lines assuming everyone is healthy?

I like Nordstrom - Kuraly - Wagner as your 4th line and Bjork - Coyle - Heinen on the 3rd line. I talked before about bringing Bjork to play with Bergeron and Marchand but like I said, I don't see Cassidy doing that. 

Why isn't Cassidy trying Bjork as a top 6 RW? More offensive upside than Heinen.

I assume you mean top 4 because he is a top 6 winger. Don Sweeney needs to find David Krejci a right winger and it's gonna have to happen through trade. 

Do you think Coyle should be on the the second line?


Nope. I think the Bruins strength is their depth down the middle. The matchups Coyle get as 3C is better suited for him than when he's at 2C. There is no one on the B's ready to fill that 3C role besides him.

Greatest Bruin of the decade?

Patrice Bergeron. Duh.

News, notes and quotes:

- Kampfer cleared waivers on Monday and has been re-assigned to Providence.

- John Beecher and Curtis Hall have been named to the preliminary roster for Team USA WJC. Jakub Lauko will likely leave the Providence Bruins for Team Czech Republic.

- No word on lines for tomorrow's game vs. the Capitals. Will have a pregame blog tomorrow with all you need to know.