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North Korea Has Opened A Brand New Ski Resort In An Effort To Boost Tourism

(source)– North Korean leader Kim Jong Un opened a new mountain spa and ski resort that’s intended for people to enjoy “high civilization under socialism” in another example of the country using tourism exemptions in sanctions to build revenue for its broken economy.

Kim cut the ribbon during the ceremonial opening of the Yangdok Hot Spring Cultural Recreation Center and praised his soldiers for creating a “miracle and prefect edifice” that serves the ruling party’s efforts to guide people to modern civilization, a state media report said.

North Korea’s state TV showed aerial footage of the resort, including its red-roofed hotels, hot spring spas, ski slope and horse-riding park.

Kim Jong-Un WANTS YOU…to come to North Korea and ski. Asian tourism is up and North Korea wants a piece of the pie and they’re trying to entice people with their brand new ski resort. Now, if you manage to avoid being arrested for touching a poster and beaten to death like previous tourists, The Great Leader will be happy to host you in the new resort just a few short hours from the DMZ. While this resort can’t offer certain amenities like food or consistent electricity, you will be able to see missiles launch into the night sky as a warning to the capitalist pigs to the South and the Great Devil from the West. A chaperone will pick you up, question you for 12 hours before taking you to your hotel room where the chaperone will also stay and watch everything you do and say just in case. The snow is packed deep and fast. The Great Leader has set an Olympic Record for the downhill time on this mountain where there are trails for every citizen and tourist ranging from Green to…well…green

I love this place. Just so on brand and they have no idea. The Leader of the whole country put out propaganda videos to celebrate opening Villa Olivia and a Red Roof Inn

nk ski resort

I mean it literally is Villa Olivia. It has three trails. I think I prefer the suburban Chicago ski mountain that was built on top of a garbage dump

villa olivia

At least you know there’s water because there’s a giant tank right on top of the hill.

PS: This picture made me laugh outloud. This fat pud taking a ride on the ski lift by himself on a chair clearly designed for two people. If it stalls out and he’s left there for more than minute someone dies by anti aircraft gun firing squad

kim jong un