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Tanaka Looks Good In His First Start


CLEARWATER, Fla.In his initial exhibition start for the New York Yankees, Masahiro Tanaka allowed his first home run of the spring in three innings of one-run, two-hit ball that left the Philadelphia Phillies impressed. “His split finger is going to be a force to reckon with,” Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard said. After a delay of nearly 90 minutes because of downpours and a tornado warning, the 25-year-old Tanaka nearly finished his day unscathed. However, with two outs in the third, Tanaka surrendered a home run to Phillies leadoff man Freddy Galvis on a 3-1 pitch.

Not much more you can really ask for from a guy making the jump from Japan to the MLB. In 2 appearances, Tanaka has given up only 1 run in 5 innings while striking out 4. Yeah, he has given up a home run and these appearances have been against the Phillies, who are basically a 50+ softball team, but it’s better to make those adjustments now in Spring Training than next month in the Bronx. Everything I am hearing out of Tampa about his work ethic and adjustment to the culture have been great, so let just call this “so far so good”.

Other Yankee News

Jeter Got A Hit: It took 10 at bats but Jeter got 2 hits yesterday and most importantly looks really healthy. WHile everyone is going to say he is old and overrated, just remember this guy is a winner, it’s all he knows how to do, so I’m not going to start doubting him now.

I’m Starting to Hate Teixeira: First he starts Spring Training with excuses about how he will be stiff most of the year, then he doesn’t appear in a game for a week and now he is throwing hissy fits in front of reporters about not getting enough pitches in BP. He’s watched ARod be overpaid while creating problems and needs to make sure he doesn’t step into the role.

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