This Little Kid Didn't Take The Ryan Callahan Trade News Well

Little Ryan Hickey is the perfect representative for the portion of Rangers fans who came out against the Callahan-for-St. Louis swap. The mere thought of Callahan wearing any other NHL sweater crushed his soul & turned him into a sobbing mess. Almost made him forget about his cookie…but I get it. Took me a while, but now I know why some of the Blueshirts’ faithful thought their team should have given Captain Cally whatever he wanted to keep him for 6 more years. Because they’re all 4 year-old crybabies in onesies who simply don’t know any better. That’s why.

Marty’s debut was solid – led all forwards with 20 minutes of ice time and certainly had Hags skating with some excitement. Maybe too much, actually, considering he passed up a fair share of shots trying to feed his new linemate. Still, their line was buzzing the entire game and gave a glimpse of what MSL will bring to NY. Gonna have to bring it quick though. After Talbot shut down the Hawks in the Rangers’ post-Olympic debut, the Blueshirts have managed just one point in 3 games against conference opponents. After the Pens, they’re in the middle of 5 division teams separated by a mere 5 points. No time for a losing streak coming down the home stretch of the regular season. This upcoming set of 5 games in 8 days (4 on the road) is gonna be a big time test, and one they gotta pass or the natives are gonna get restless.

Here’s a “Farewell Callahan” that’ll give fans goosebumps. Might even make some of you cry again. I recommend Ryan Hickey’s mom doesn’t show him this…