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Two English Soccer Fan Bases Got Into A Wild Brawl Because Security Couldn't Catch A Guy Rushing The Pitch ... Of Course


This is 100% the least shocking reason for a completely wild brawl during a soccer match, right? Do we really expect English soccer security guards/cops to be quick on their feet? I don't think so. But here's the background on this fight: a Blackpool fan decided to run on the pitch and mock the Fleetwood fans. Cops couldn't catch him due to that elusive quickness, so a few Fleetwood fans took it into their own hands by getting their hands on him and then punching him numerous times in the dome. Naturally Blackpool fans didn't appreciate seeing one of their own getting blasted with punches, so they come to his defense and we get a scene like this: 

I can't stress this enough - European soccer fans are absolutely batshit crazy and this continues to be the most THIS LEAGUE, league, out there. I mean if this happened in the States, we'd have a million think pieces about security and going to games. It'd be all over the news. Instead, in England, all we get is a 'well, that's what happens when you have rivals playing each other.' Just continues to prove that European/South American people care more about their soccer clubs than we do anything in the world. 

I'll say this, I can appreciate the fans taking matters into their own hands. If security can't catch a guy and he's out there to mock you and your livelihood, you gotta handle business. Maybe don't throw so many punches, but the right move is to take him out yourself.