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Allie Laforce Is The Hottest Chick In The Sports Media Game Right Now

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Ever since Allie Laforce burst on the scene covering NCAA hoops on truTV during the tournament, I’ve been in love. But now I watch her every day on CBS Sports. Boomer and Carton in the morning, then they re-run her show Lead Off with that loser Doug Gottlieb. Anyway she just keeps getting hotter. Every day she’s smokier than the last. Today she was straight up scorching fire. Burning hotter than the Knicks Dumpster Fire. For my money shes the hottest chick in sports entertainment. Better than all the Fox Sports 1 girls, better than anyone who’s been with ESPN. Just an total blonde bombshell.

Hopefully CBS puts her on the main channel this year so I don’t have to scour my TV guide looking for truTV like every other year during March Madness.

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