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NEVER A DOUBT: The Eagles Can Still Be The Worst Team Ever To Make The Playoffs

That's right, St. Wentz! Play with that swagger, baby! And boy oh boy did the Eagles play one full quarter and OT period of football today! Carson Wentz just led a bunch of damn commoners on offense who should be selling insurance or driving trucks for a living from a 17-3 deficit to a 23-17 OT victory! This team definitely doesn't stink out loud and didn't get embarrassed by a 38-year-old QB and a 2-8 team for most of the game (after getting waxed the week before by an older QB on a worse team)! They still have 1 healthy WR left on the roster, dammit! Now excuse me while I leave you with a bunch of tweets we had all saved up for if the result went the other way because they DEFINITELY don't matter anymore! The Eagles are still playing to show up to their own funeral in the Wildcard round of the playoffs!



PS - Boston Scott is no Darren Sproles, but he's kinda Darren Sproles. That is until he fumbles again. Then he's done.