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Isles Trade Vanek For Warm Pile Of Garbage

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The absolute definition of a Lose/Lose situation for Garth Snow. Luckily, Garth Snow is very, very good at losing so this Trade Deadline debacle was right up his alley. When the clock is at 2:59 you gotta take whatever you can get when you know a guy like Vanek is absolutely walking at the end of the year. So a second round pick and a prospect is better than nothing. Barely. But it is in fact better.

But then you take a step back and realize you traded Matt Moulson, a first, and a second, in exchange for basically a second round pick. I’m not mad Garth took what he could get at the 11th hour of the trade deadline. I’m mad he put himself in that position by trading for a guy that everyone in the world knew he had absolutely no chance of re-signing. Putting himself in a position where he had virtually zero leverage in any trade talks. I understand the Islanders are always going to be taking a risk because its not like players are clamoring to come play here, but I feel like this was especially the case with Vanek. He was a 6 month rental from the second that Moulson trade went through. Should have just ponied up the money for a Moulson extension. At least he wanted to be here.

UPDATE: The Isles don’t even get the pick if the Canadiens don’t make the playoffs. The pick isn’t even protected. Garth seriously almost got absolutely nothing in return