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Roquan Smith Is Officially Out For The Year

Nagy said immediately after the game that the injury was really bad so no real surprise here. These situations are always shitty, but this one especially sucks because he was starting to play well after a weird start to the year. Year 2 was obviously not as kind to the Top 10 pick as his rookie season was so I hope we can get everything back on track with him next Fall as he's such an important part of the team.

Danny Trevathan is still hurt too so from here on out it's going to be a little bit of a carousel between Kwiatkoski, Pierre-Louis, Iggy, and Woods. The polish hammer and KPL filled in nicely last week so hopefully they'll be able to roll that over into these last 3 games. If the big man Akiem Hicks returns this week that will definitely soften the blow as well.

Big week. No excuses.


Bear Down.

Fuck The Packers.