Last Night In Bill Walton: An A+ Rant About How The Refs Gave UNC The 2017 Title And Screwed Gonzaga

You know, this gigantic crazy old man has a point here. The story of the UNC/Gonzaga title game a few years ago had nothing to do with the game but rather the refs. I mean let's take a look at what the most neutral party said (Kmarko, who has no ties to Gonzaga or UNC and as far as I know hates neither team). 


Okay, don't trust Keith? How about Dave? 

And those are just the links on this here site. The refs were completely brutal in that game and really limited Gonzaga. So yeah, I love that Bill Walton is out here still bringing it up to remind how much bullshit that was. I mean I'd bring up some questionable calls from John Higgins too, but I'm above that. I'm just here to report what Bill Walton - a genius, is saying. 

This really just shows how great Walton is though. You never know what the fuck he's going to say calling a broadcast. He can call out refs, he went on a 6-minute story about Bill Russell without breathing and he also made fun of Danny Ainge cheating at golf. That was all just in the first half too.