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BlackJack and Lo Duca's Early Pick Four

We made it back to the office after a marathon gambling weekend in Atlantic City. Now it's back to the daily grind and churning out profits on the track. Today we are looking at Parx which is our Monday favorite. The early Pick Four is enticing so we're going to jump all over it. Post time is 12:25pm eastern.

BlackJack and Lo Duca's Pick Four:

Race One: The (5) Baby Bull is going to be nearly impossible to beat with his connections and figures, but if anyone has a chance its (7) Kid Macho, assuming he breaks well.

Race Two: I favor the (3) Sweet Addison here as she has the best figures in this class easily. Round this race out with (2),(6),(8).

Race Three: Probably the most wide open of these races. I like the (7) Saratoga Wildcat the best, but will also ride with (1),(2) and (4).

Race Four: I'm looking for coverage here so as to not lose this ticket on the last leg. I like the (7) Positive Force a lot, but also think the (1), (4), and (9) have a shot to cross first.

BlackJack and Lo Duca's Pick Four: 5,7/2,3,6,8/1,2,4,7/1,4,7,9

Ticket Cost: $64.00

Let's cash this thing and start the week out right.