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Apparently I RSVP’d To Marina’s Wedding Using Somebody Else’s Invitation


So I guess this happened. Marina got engaged recently and I got a Save the Date card. It’s been sitting on my desk for a couple weeks and I noticed the dealine to RSVP was approaching.   I figured I should be proactive and tell her I’m coming. So I check the box and dropped it off at her desk telling her “I hope she didn’t mind that I wasn’t mailing it back”. She just said no problem and that was that.

Well fast forward a couple days and I read this on our blog from Marina.

From Marina

So in case you didn’t know, I’m getting married. When a fitness trainer proposes when you’re a soft 6 at best, you say yes.

Next Summer will be the big day in front of friends and family, and a few weeks ago I sent out save the dates to let people know. Obviously Dave Portnoy is crazy busy so I sent out 3 to make sure he knows to clear his calendar… 1 to HQ, 1 to his actual apartment and 1 to his home in Nantucket. Can’t have him not know when I’m getting married. Where he sits is arguably a top 3 wedding decision that me and my fiancé will have to make. So obviously I had to send him a bagillion save the dates (I was going to shorten this to STD but alas).

So about a week later after all the STDs went out he walked up to my desk and handed me this… (Please ignore the make up on the card)

To my surprise he not only received the save the date (or 3), he also had a RSVP card. Wait what? I didn’t send any RSVP cards. I legitimately spent 10-15 minutes trying to figure out if I sent an actual invitation by accident, because he just pulled this RSVP card out of nowhere. Does he know something I don’t know? Did he just grab someone else’s invitation RSVP and give it to me? I’m sure he gets invited to thousands of weddings. By my calculations (Google) I should be sending out invitations in July.

Wait what? So Marina hasn’t sent the invites out yet? What the hell did I respond with then? I guess I must have mixed invitations. Stoolies do send me wedding invites from time to time and I must have had a random one of my desk that I got mixed in with Marinas save the date. So basically I Rsvpd to Marina using somebody else’s invite card. And the crazy part is she didn’t even blink when I gave it to her.   Turns out I RSVP’d for Brian and Erica’s wedding on NYE.  Umm no offense to those people but I wouldn’t spend my NYE with a bunch of strangers for a billion dollars and frankly I think it’s a bit rude to get married on New Year’s Eve to begin with. Like you think you are so important that all your friends and families want to spend their NYE at your wedding?  No offense to Brian or Erika or my parents who got married on NYE as well.  But thanks for the invite guys.  Maybe never….