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Badger and Jackal Play Tug Of War With A Python In a 'Fight To The Death' Nature Video


The badger emerged victorious.  About time a badger won a big game amirite?  Sorry Big Cat, that was uncouth of me.

Anyways I fucking love a good ol’ fashioned fight to the death nature video.  Look at the thumbnail here, the badger and jackal were playing tug of war with that goddamn python.  And we always talk about how much a bear, lion, etc. would fuck someone up, but badgers are absolutely up there.  Those things are vicious.  Doesn’t matter if you’re a pack of jackals, a 12 foot long python or Homer Simpson.  They’ll rip you apart.

Overall, I’d grade this video a 5.3 on the pizza scale.  Good enough to appease a drunken appetite or to get away from Excel for a quick break in the cube, but not good enough to eat while spending 12 hours on the couch on an NFL Sunday.  Assuming the baseball bat arm penguin video is a 9.0+…

These hoes ain’t loyal! 

Or the Battle at Kruger was a 10.0:

This video was just decent.  Still worth a watch though.  Now back to your regularly schedule MLB Hot Stove.  MAKES SOME GODDAMN MOVES