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New Arkansas Head Coach Sam Pittman Has UA's Football Twitter Account Blocked

After whiffing on Lane Kiffin, Arkansas made a bit of a surprise hire for its new head coach in Georgia offensive line coach Sam Pittman.

While probably an unfamiliar name to many, Pittman is known as one of the best technical coaches and recruiters in the game. He's been a huge part of getting much of the talent Kirby Smart has brought to Athens. It could end up being a great hire for the Hogs.

Just one problem:

Yep, Pittman has blocked the Twitter account for the team of which he's now the head coach. But I actually know exactly what happened here.

Pittman kept seeing promoted tweets from Arkansas and other teams' accounts on his timeline and got sick of it and just blocked them. I would never block somebody for saying something mean to me or liking someone else's tweets -- what kind of clown would do that -- but if your ad comes onto my timeline incessantly, you're blocked.


My guess is Pittman doesn't know about the mute feature, so he probably has every other college football team blocked, along with Pepsi and Disney Plus and whoever else's ads keep showing up. So since it appears Pittman might not be the most technologically adept head coach in the SEC, he would be wise to follow the advice of the Ole Miss fan who cautioned Lane Kiffin upon his arrival.

I wish Pittman as I wish every other coach and program in the Southeastern Conference, which is to say the worst of luck.

Go Vols. Beat Indiana.