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This Poor, Poor Dog Is Going Viral For Being VERY Confused As To How To Go Down Stairs

I’ve watched this video no less than a hundred times and each time it gets better. Granted, they’ll be paying vet bills for the next five years due to the fact that he broke all four legs, but that’s neither here nor there. Poor guy was completely confused as to how to go down the stairs so he launched himself off them just to make mom happy. The crazy part is that he was halfway down when his brain decided to malfunction. Something happened in that dumb head of his that made him that made him go from good boy to full blown Kamikaze. Oh well- I’m sure he’ll be fine. The most relatable part of that video was the sound. Every person with a dog can relate to the nails scratching on the wood floor, legs going a million miles an hour even though they’re barely moving noise. Hopefully the next time we see him he’s got it all figured out.