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The Rone AMA Goes Down Today At 1 PM On Barstool Gold; It Will Be Transcendent

I was always told that holding my arms at my side would be the least awkward thing to do in a photo. "Sure, it might feel awkward," they'd tell me, "but it'll look the most normal." Well how do you explain how stupid my arms look in this picture? Just two lifeless tubes of flesh that hang, for whatever reason, at different lengths. A preposterously terribly look.

What will be considerably less awkward will be my AMA on Barstool Gold today. You can watch it on barstoolgold.com/Rone.

We will be talking about everything. Battles, Barstool, the Birds and also things that don't start with "b". Ask me about my paraplegic friend who produces rap videos. Ask me about my quadriplegic friend who was driving along minding his own business and a moose fell on him. Ask me about the time that Dame Judy Dench came to my dressing room sobbing thick, snotty tears, telling me that she didn't know if she could go on with her acting career and find out what I told her to make her change her mind, take the stage and win several thousand Oscars.

All that and more, today at 1 PM.