Kyle Lowry Tells Sixers Fan 'Come See Me, I Live At 20th And Lehigh' While Being Held Back By A Teammate In The Tunnel


I've said it before, but I have no problem with either side here. Fans have all the right in the world to heckle an athlete. If they cross a line or the athlete feels like they cross the line, they have every right to respond. You can't just talk shit without any consequences, no matter how much you pay for a ticket or what you think of athletes. 

Also let's remember that Kyle Lowry is from Philadelphia - as he reminds us in the second video. He actually sounds like the gang from The World Series Defense episode of It's Always Sunny where Mac keeps talking about how Philly fans will blast you. Lowry saying he respects Philadelphia, but if they have a problem to come find him is peak Philly. I have nothing but to respect Kyle Lowry now. 

Here's the thing about Lowry too - he gave the exact address of where to find him. That's fair. He can toss that out there and then the ball is now in the fan's court. There's a 0 percent chance he'll show up, but you almost have to just to troll Lowry, right? Sure, you're possibly getting your ass kicked but if you really love the Sixers you have to show up just to get in his head. 

Also a 0 percent chance whatever this Philly fan said to Lowry would be said to the Morris twins. They are not to be trifled with in Philly.