True Detective Audition Video With Possible Spoilers

So this random asshole that didn’t get the part posted his audition back in 2012. Fuckin like 2 years before the show even aired. First off all, this audition sucked. Just wanted to get out of the way before we talk more about whats going. Potential major spoilers so do not continue reading if you didn’t see last episode yet or want to be surprised for episode 8.

Now after last night the cat is kind of out of the bag on Erol the Lawnmower Man. If you saw this prior to last night’s episode though, you would have seen that according to the youtube audition, his name is Erol Childress. One of the police officers responsible for Guy Francis, the dude who was ranting about the Yellow King, killing himself in prison was Officer Childress. Ted Childress was also a previous sherriff in the area who dismissed the Marie Fontenot missing persons case. So you can already see the Tuttle/Childress family tree are deeply involved in this cult/cover up scene.

I guess its just a matter of to what extent. Listening to this audition tape, the first half/scene is word for word from last night’s episode. So safe to assume that second scene he reads will be in the finale. The talk about “planting flowers” sounds a lot like code for killing and burying some people. And I can’t be sure because of this asshole’s stupid accent but it sounds to me like he said “Aw Beth.” Beth the hooker from the woods who returned to fuck Marty? But maybe he said “Audrey?” Which would just be absolutely bananas. If Audrey is asking Erol to go plant some flowers than this finale is going off the fucking rails. I can’t quite tell because of the accent. I wasn’t sure why this audition was done in an English accent to begin with, but the Episode 8 preview has someone speaking in the same tone. Saying he hasn’t “left his mark in weeks.” Just like “you haven’t planted any flowers for me in weeks.” Is that fat son of a bitch Erol english or some shit? Is that anal-loving hooker Beth more involved? Does Erol “plant flowers” for her? Does Erol get to fuck her in the ass? Because I’ll be seriously pissed if that fat disgusting slob gets to fuck Beth in the ass like Marty.

Either way, we know there’s at least one more scene with Erol and he’s talking about their plans with someone else. A lot more going on in general so be on the lookout for me, Feits and Super Producer BC breaking everything down again this week on the next episode of Barstool DVR.