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Tweeting The Eyeballs Emoji From The Winter Meetings On a Sunday Night is Some Real Bullshit

It's Sunday night, actually Monday morning now, and I was ready for bed. I just ingested enough McDonald's to stop an elephant's heart. I'm calling it a weekend after some poor life choices. Let's restart and get after it on Monday. But noooooo here comes Jeff Fletcher, a guy I didn't know existed until 5 minutes ago, coming in here to give me a goddamn heart attack. Eye ball emojis? On a Sunday night as the Winter Meetings kick off? Now that's some buuuuuuulllllshit. 

Who is Jeff Fletcher? He covers the Angels for the Orange County Register. He knows things. He doesn't fuck around. Look at that face. 

According to several reddits, he doesn't troll. Great. You would imagine being a guy like him right now he'd be in the perfect position to troll a person like me and the entire Yankees fan base. Is that happening? There's always a first for everything. Could he actually know something about Cole? Did he see Cole shake hands with the Angels GM? Is it over? Are we fucked? The initial offers are just coming in now. This can't be over. Right?...


I now have to sit in my room of darkness staring at the ceiling wondering if the Gerrit Cole sweepstakes are finished. How could it end like this? It's not over. It can't be. Maybe he's just a Rams fan? Yeah you know what? He's pumped the Rams are back. Great win Jeff! Defense looked awesome out there. 

I need Jacky Curry to come back with two sets of eye ball emojis right now so I can breathe again.