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Football Guy of the Week Nominees: CFB Championship Week and NFL Week 14

Let’s just clear things up off the top: we could probably find four different LSU-related “Football Guy” moves from the Tigers’ championship outing in Atlanta this weekend alone. But in fairness to the rest of the country, it’s only right that we give others a chance at the FBGOTW Award. Let’s get to this week’s nominees:

LSU QB Joe Burrow for not allowing his parents to get him a new phone after it broke because “he has a game to play.”

I’m posting this option as a -750 live favorite to win this week’s vote. In fact, if we did a Football Guy of the Year poll, I’m not so sure there are many people out there who can outdo this one. Especially in today’s age, where EVERYONE always needs a phone. Except Joe Burrow. He’s got a Heisman to win. He’s got a National Championship to win.

Oklahoma WR CeeDee Lamb for wearing eye-black that says “Nobody Safe.”

What a weekend for Lamb and the Sooners. *Every* domino that needed to fall Oklahoma’s way did just that, and they’re right back in the College Football Playoff. Should be a fun one against the aforementioned Tigers in a couple of weeks.

LSU HC Ed Orgeron on his in-state recruiting this week: “I’m gonna be in about 18-to-20 homes next week, so that means 18-to-20 gumbos.”

Coach O won’t be starting that Weight Watchers diet any time soon, but can you blame him? What’s equally as important to the LSU head honcho than getting ready to win it all this year? Ensuring he can lock up future Tigers who can help LSU win it all in future years. Let’s Geaux.

Ravens CB Marcus Peters for crushing a beer after the Ravens locked up a win vs. the Bills.

Ah, Peters is stealing one right out of the Bills Mafia’s wheelhouse (and every NFL team’s fan base, I guess). But there’s no doubting that sipping down a cold one tastes much better after getting a pivotal W as the playoffs are around the corner.