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What The Hell Is A "Freddie Kitchens"?

The Browns won today, yet, somehow, everyone is fucking furious.

Before we get into it, I'll be the first to say that I bought into the Freddie Kitchens hyped when he was hired. Once the Browns fired Hue Jackson, everything was different. Cleveland's second-half last season saw them with one of the most efficient offenses in the NFL. They were protecting Baker, playing to his strengths and having good clean fun on offense...


They add Kareem Hunt. They add Odell Beckham Jr. Another year for the core guys together. It all seemed to line up perfectly for a guy who seemed fit for the job.

Then shit like today happens. Check out the first half numbers for NFL LEADING RUSHER Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt...

What was Kitchens' explanation?



They ran 25 plays in the first half and only six of them were running plays. One of the turnovers…

(How this was called a fumble on the field and then an interception and not a catch and down by contact is insane, but I digress)

…came deep inside Bengals territory. So, is Freddie saying he wasn't going to run the ball until they got into the red zone? Or is he spewing nonsense? I will go with the latter.

What happened when the Browns opened the second half running the ball?

Yeah, sounds about right.

Last week in another blown lead game and season-ending loss, Freddie barely ran Chubb and Hunt half-a-dozen times in the second half. It's bizarre, tough to watch and flat out frustrating.

Freddie seems like a nice person. But he has become a shell of his 2018-self in the head coaching position. This team has blown so many games and opportunities and, even with Baker struggling early in the season, so many of the reasons the Browns are currently 6-7 can be pinned on the coaches.



As for Baker today, he wasn't great. His interception luck is fucking abysmal as evidenced by that Njoku play I linked above. He had another interception off his receiver's hands as well…

…but, to be fair, it was not a very good throw.

He actually used his wheels for a score for once too, which was nice to see.

Baker is going to be fine. My biggest concern with the second-year quarterback is the Browns putting a competent offensive line around him next season.

Now, moving on to the final "thing" from today: Odell Beckham Jr.


If it's true, then I don't blame him, I guess? I would want out as well, but I also know he said this earlier in the week…

OBJ didn't really say much after the game and Jarvis Landry cited his above quote when given the question about the rumor…

My biggest concern is this, though…

The truth of the rumor is one thing, but what is clear is that OBJ is pretty frustrated with the organization's handling of his injury. With Baker coming out and sticking up for him, the problem seems to be pretty clear.

My head hurts from all of this. It's fucking football, it should be fun to root for a football team. Unfortunately for me?

Go Browns.