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Bill Clinton Named The Most Admired President Of The Last 25 Years. In Other News, The Sky Is Blue

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Huffington Post- A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Annenberg Survey of 1,031 registered voters earlier this month revealed that 42 percent of the respondents picked Clinton, reports NBC News.  The responses for Clinton far overshadowed the remaining three presidents serving during the 25-year time period surveyed. President Barack Obama, whose poll ratings are at an all-time low, still placed second among voters, with 18 percent of the respondents.  Meanwhile, former President George W. Bush placed third, at 17 percent and his father, former President George H.W. Bush, who parachuted out of a plane last week to celebrate his 90th birthday, came in at fourth place with 16 percent of the respondents.

The no brainer to end all no brainers here.  I mean did they even really have to take this poll?  Slick Willie was unquestionably taking the #1 spot.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  The level of shock I felt when I read it was Clinton is the same amount of shock I’d feel if somebody told me Justin Timberlake was the most popular member of NSYNC.  As soon as they decided to do this poll I wish Clinton had popped outta of a limo with a hog on each arm and pulled the Larry Bird “Who’s playing for second?” quote.  There wasn’t a chance anybody was getting it but Clinton.  And while Bill got 42% of the votes while second place (Obama) only got 18% those numbers for Clinton still somehow feel low.  Like really low.  I’m taking this poll as somebody you would want to hang out with.  Only 42%?  It should be closer to 150%.  Who in their right mind would vote for George W. Bush?  Politics aside, the only reason somebody should want to hang out with Dubya is to feel smart for a few hours.  And forget about just president’s, there’s only a few people in this world I would kill to have a beer with and that list is as follows: Chris Farley, Bill Murray, Johnny Manziel and Bill Clinton.  That’s it.  That’s the list.  And for Clinton to only get 42% in this poll is borderline absurd.  A night out on the town with Willie would include endless drinks, endless women (maybe some chubby ones but oh well), endless drugs and endless stories about the shenanigans he pulled while sitting in the big chair in Washington.  It would unquestionably be the greatest night of your life.