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Colts Have A New Kicker Today!! - Colts Vs Bucs Pregame Blog

Holy hell. I usually start off my pregame blogs saying IT'S GAMEDAY, but this clip of Big Q had to be introduced first. If there's one person you don't want to piss off on the Colts, it's the pancake master himself. What an incredible punt by the 330 pound lineman. With that being said, IT'S GAMEDAY BABY! The Boys In Blue take on Steven Chea's Bucs in Week 14. 


The Colts have lost 4 of the last 5 games, we're out of the playoff picture, but everything is falling in line for a win. Even though T.Y and Kenny Moore are out, Marlon Mack and Parris Campbell finally make a return to the field. When healthy, Mack has dominated the run game. Since we are so thin on WR's, the return of Campbell can help give Jacoby another reliable weapon. I think we are going to kick some ass now all because of the Big Q video. Here are the keys to winning in Tampa:

1. Jacoby's Confidence

- Last week against the Titans, Jacoby had a poor 2nd half and played nervous. He threw 2 interceptions and left wide open Marcus Johnson and Zach Pascal in the dust. Jacoby is the leader of the Colts and needs to play like one today.

2. Maintain The Game Through Defense

- Our defense will have to keep the game alive if our offense can't move the ball down the field. Jameis has thrown over 3,000 passing yards but has also thrown about 20 interceptions. Today could be a field day for Darius Leonard and company, or a field day for Jameis. 

3. Make Field Goals

- Colts nation, today may be the day where our field goal fears are over as the G.O.A.T Vinny is out with a knee injury. After Vinny missed 3 kicks last week, Chase McLaughlin has been picked up to be our new kicker for the day(hopefully the season). The only advice I have for him is to make his field goals, that's it. Just make your field goals. Please. 


All because of the Big Q video, I'm going Colts 26 Bucs 21. Shoutout Steven Chea! I'll have a Marlon Mack jersey ready for you to rock tomorrow. As always, Go Horse.