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That's Why There's 4 Quarters, Folks!!! And They Better Keep Ohio State #1

Congratulations to Wisconsin on leading at halftime of the Big Ten Championship, and congratulations to Ohio State on winning the Big Ten Championship.

Here was the Buckeyes game plan tonight:

Would winning the 2nd half 27-0 be considered going off?? I think so. And I think the entire world that wrote us off the #1 seed at halftime needs to apologize. Urban Meyer included. Are you telling me the Buckeyes are really going to drop in the rankings because they just beat a Top 10 team by 13 points? After 3 straight weeks of wins over AP Top 10 teams? That would be an absolute travesty. The committee would lose the little respect that they still have left.

Ohio State is the #1 team in the country. They have more wins against Top 25 teams, a better opponent win percentage, and an average margin of victory of 25 points per game in wins over ranked opponents. AND LSU PLAYS AN FCS SCHOOL. Do the right thing, committee. Give us Oklahoma. Or 2-loss Georgia if that was such a huge win for LSU today.