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This Comeback Is The Most Inspirational Video You'll See Today


Never give up. Don’t ever give up. I don’t care how many times you get repeatedly bludgeoned in the head with clean shot after clean shot from one man while another man pins you down. It aint over ’til it’s over. And this most certainly was not over through three quarters of the game. Because by the time that fourth quarter rolled around, these two gentlemen were GASSED. They couldn’t believe this big hoss hadn’t tapped out or succumbed to their thrashings yet. But that’s because these fellows very clearly had no idea what time it was. “You know what time it is, right?” will go down in history as one of the more ominous and terrifying sayings I’ve ever heard. It kept growing louder and more confident as he thwarted his enemies one by one, tossing them into walls and dropping them with devastating straight rights. And I don’t know how heavily concussed this man was when he tried to wave the white flag and dap up this hogmolly

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 8.06.46 PM

But I rank it up there among the all time misjudgments in history. It may be higher on that list than this comeback is on the list of great comebacks, that’s how poor and costly a misjudgment that was. “Surely this lion wont eat me, he just had a steak. Now, to place my head inside it’s mouth for this picture real quick.”