The Ottawa Senators Finally Got An Owner Who Knows What He's Doing, And His Name Is Scott Laughton

Just to set the scene for everybody here, Scott Laughton owned the shit out of the Ottawa Senators today. He was big, mean, physical, and just throwing the body around everywhere.  Brady Tkachuk plays a pretty similar style so naturally these two clash every time they play against each other. Anyway, Anthony Duclair scored to tie the game at 3-3 in the 3rd period, and then Laughton scored less than a minute later to give the Flyers the lead again. So on his way down the line after scoring, he screams over to the Ottawa bench.

I'm not much of a lip reader but it looks like he says "You like that, Tkachuk? You fuck". 

Fast forward about 4 minutes later and the Senators have their goalie pulled. They were getting a ton of pressure and with the way this game was going, it looked like there was a good chance they were going to tie the game up and send it to overtime. That is, of course, until Brady Tkachuk decided to prove to the world that he has mashed potatoes for brains and that Scott Laughton mentally owns him. 

I mean what an idiot. What an absolute buffoon. His team has possession of the puck. They're only down by a goal. And selfish Brady has his wittle feeling hurt by Laughton earlier in the game so he takes the opportunity to jump him out of nowhere. He crosschecks him in a spot where Laughton doesn't have any pads and then jumps on top of him while he's down like a coward. Tkachuk gets sent off the ice and the Flyers win in regulation.

That, my friends, is how you own a team. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Scott Laughton took over that game and the Ottawa Senators were all too stupid to figure out how to handle it. What a greasy game and what a win for the boys. 

P.S. - Of course it was Laughton who got the party started on the Flyers' 3rd goal of the game. Great cross-ice pass to Farabee to start this rush which was finished off with a ProvoBOMB