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FINALLY Someone Made A Video Game Where You Can Be Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ

I see the vision on this as long as you really get to live his life, not just run back the highlights. People don’t like to talk about it but Jesus was a wild boy. He was smashing up crooked temples, running around with Mary Magdalene and her pals, and had those rebellious teen years where he ran away from home and did some self-exploring wandering the desert. This could be like a super moral GTA if they build it right. I also wonder what kind of side quests they’ve got cooking up. Like can you do some light carpentry for some more experience points? Can you try and fist fight Judas before the whole crucifixion goes down? Did they really build Hell for those three days he was dead or did they get lazy and skip straight to the tomb? Like I said I see the vision on this as long as they didn’t skimp on the full life and times of JC. If this game is just making fish and bread before having dinner with your 12 best friends then it’s a hard pass from me.