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Beyond Wild Ending: Down 2 With 1 Second To Go, Chris Paul Snitches On Jordan Bell For An Untucked Jersey And Refs ACTUALLY Give A T - Steven Adams Responds With A Hail Mary Inbounds To Force OT

Uh, this is crazy right? I mean it's not surprising that you actually hear someone trying to get a call, that's just how sports works. But the fact that Scott Foster actually listens to Chris Paul and hits the Wolves with a technical because Jordan Bell had an untucked jersey. I mean I guess it's a heads up play here by Chris Paul? What do you have to lose besides the game? 

Because guess what happens. The technical is called meaning OKC gets 1 FT. Gallo drills that to cut it to 121-120. KAT tried to miss the next free throw since there was 1.1 seconds left, instead he accidentally makes it and well, this happens: 

Naturally the Thunder go on to win in OT, because of course they did. 

I can't believe Scott Foster actually listened to CP. Many people are saying he's the worst, but I don't blame him. Sure, snitching is a bitch move, but you gotta do whatever it takes to get the win. I blame Scott Foster if anything. You can't actually give a technical here for a delay of game/untucked jersey. That's just how you know you have Tim Donaghy on line 1 (allegedly). 

I guarantee we won't see a crazier ending than this.