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I Just Moved This Weed Dealer To The Top Of My Draft Board

For the past 12 months all you’ve heard about is Tua and Trevor, Trevor and Tua, some Kyler, some Herbert, Burrow got himself in the mix with the Heisman season he’s put up at LSU. And I’m here to tell you that all that talk was for naught. Complete waste of time. Are those quarterbacks still good? Sure, whatever, I guess. But they’re not Jimmy Come-cop-the-low over here. My man ran the delayed play action and then hit his target between the fucking NUMBERS on the move with zero hesitation. Clean delivery, no hitch in that throwing motion, ball came out of the hand quick, incredible timing, everything you’d want and more from your franchise quarterback. Plus it’s a man who knows how to self market, build a network, economics, and all sorts of other intangibles the Josh Rosens of the world couldn’t dream of coming into the League with. Easy choice for the top pick in this upcoming Draft, Chase Young slides down to #2.