Tiger Woods Is A Superhero And This Video Proves It

What an absolute gentleman Eldrick Woods is. Tiger is playing with Justin Thomas down in the Hero World Challenge today, JT lost his ball in the terrain and what did Tiger do? Did he sit on the sidelines and not get involved? Did he refuse to lend a helping hand to man he’s competing against? Nope. He did the exact opposite. He got involved. He rolled up his sleeves and he got his hands dirty. He latched onto that guy’s belt loop and held on for dear life. He wasn’t letting that guy go anywhere. No siree, not on Tiger’s watch. So not only is Tiger Woods a gentleman, he’s a superhero. He’s a superhero who saved a man’s life today and I wasn’t going to let it go unnoticed. Show me another professional golfer with 15 majors, 83 wins and a hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank who’s willing to be as selfless as Tiger Woods, you can’t do it. What a guy.