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Send. All. Three.

Alright so Heisman ballots are due at 5 pm today, and I'd say it's a pretty safe assumption to think that the majority of voters read Barstool during the day. So I figured I'd take this moment to give my last ditch effort to influence the so easily persuaded sports media (I mean, how else would LSU be #1?). And I'm going to try and write this blog from a completely unbiased perspective, because I've never felt more strongly on an issue. I truly and fully believe in my heart of hearts that The Ohio State Buckeyes deserve to be represented by THREE members at the Heisman ceremony on Saturday night.

I think this is the first time I've ever agreed with pass the blame Gene Smith. But he's absolutely right. These three men, with their exceptional talent AND character, deserve to be in New York this weekend. Anyone who disagrees needs to get their brain checked. The fact of the matter is that there are 5 clear candidates and they should all be invited: Joe Burrow, Justin Fields, JK Dobbins, Chase Young, and Jalen Hurts. (if I was writing this from a biased perspective, I'd mention that 4 of those 5 have been Buckeyes, but I'm not going to do that)

Point #1: If Jonathan Taylor gets invited, it is a lifetime achievement award and all former winners are invalid. 

JK Dobbins is 100000% more deserving than Jonathan Taylor. The only reasons why he would be considered are because he was supposed to win, he's never won, and the Buckeyes have too many candidates. Here are their stats side by side:

Dobbins - 283 carries, 1829 yards, 20 rushing touchdowns

Jonathan Taylor - 299 carries, 1909 yards, 21 rushing touchdowns 

As similar as can be. Taylor has an extra touchdown and 80 more yards, but he's also rushed the ball sixteen more times. But on top of that, Dobbins has dominated in his two matchups with Wisconsin. 163 yards and 2 scores in the first meeting, and then he had 172 yards and a touchdown on Saturday. Yeah, Taylor had a good showing this weekend, but remember his 20 rush 52 yard performance in Columbus? The way these two played head to head should matter.

And now let's move on to Chase Young. This dude is the best player in college football, hands down. 16.5 sacks, including 4 against Wisconsin and 3 against Penn State. Sure, he sat two games because the NCAA sucks, and yeah, he's been quiet as of late, but I think there's a pretty fair explanation for that.

A picture speaks a thousand words. If it takes three linemen from the historically most dominant offensive line to block you, you're clearly impacting the game. I think the fact that they had to do this is more impressive than 16.5 sacks and 6 forced fumbles. If Chase Young isn't invited to New York, the trophy is invalid. The best players need to be there.

And then finally we have Justin Fields. I don't need to do much campaigning here because Justin Fields will be invited. Let me rephrase: Justin Fields better be invited. 40 touchdowns passing and 1 interception. Here's the list of QBs in college football history that have done that:

1. Justin Fields

Oh, and he has 10 rushing touchdowns, too. If Joe Burrow wasn't having such an incredible year, paired with the SEC bias that the media has, Justin Fields would win the Heisman this year. But the Burrow is a lock.

Again, I'm trying to be unbiased here. So I'm not saying the Buckeyes should or are going to win the Heisman. Even though if the media wanted to do the RIGHT thing they would give the first ever team trophy to the Buckeyes. Could you imagine Dobbins stats if he played in a run-based offense? Like if he was at Wisconsin he'd have a million yards. So for Dobbins to have those stats with Fields still throwing 40 touchdowns is absolutely ridiculous.

It is a 100% fact that if all 3 weren't on the same team, Justin Fields, Chase Young, and JK Dobbins would all be invited to New York. Do the right thing today, media.