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Tiger 'Boss Man' Woods Just Made One Hell Of Arrival Down In The Bahamas


That whole thing was incredible. Tiger fucking Woods with yet another all time arrival to a golf tournament. Big Dick Eldrick loves strolling up to tournaments with his sunglasses on rocking a backwards hat. He loves the backwards hat look so much and I deny anyone to say he doesn’t look awesome. He’s the Boss Man, it’s his tournament and he can do and wear whatever he wants.

The fact that the announcers actually called him Boss Man is amazing. That nickname originated from me and Frankie standing next to the practice putting green at Bethpage Black during the PGA Championship watching Tiger putt. Once Tiger’s warm up was finished, Tiger’s close friend Robbie Mac walked up to us, flipped us a couple of the golf balls he had been using and said, “Thanks for always taking care of the Boss Man.” And boom, the Boss Man nickname was officially born. That nickname has now made it all the way onto television. What a world.