Discussing Risk-Taking with Adrenaline Junkie Lindsey Vonn

Today’s Fri-YAY Pardon My Take included a pair of interviews. One with college football writer Tom Fornelli to preview Championship Weekend, and another with Gold Medalist and longtime skier Lindsey Vonn. When on the show, Vonn discussed life after retirement, her new documentary, and as shown below, the art of adrenaline rushes:

Mr. Cat: Would you say you’re an adrenaline junkie?

Lindsey Vonn: 100%.

Mr. Cat: I like that. I am as well.

Lindsey Vonn: It’s an issue, actually. It’s a problem.

Mr. Cat: Oh, it is?

Lindsey Vonn: Yeah, I mean, what am I going to do now? Like there’s only so many speeding tickets one can get.

Mr. Cat: Let me see your phone, do you have your case on it?

Lindsey Vonn: I don’t have my phone here.

Mr. Cat: Take off your case, that’s adrenaline.

Lindsey Vonn: Um, no, that’s just unnecessary risk.

Mr. Commenter: At any given second, you could drop this.


Mr. Cat: Yeah, take off the case of your phone, it’s adrenaline every single day, because you’re just like, oh shit, I could drop it.

Lindsey Vonn: But then if you do drop it and break it, you’re going to have to go wait in line at the Apple Store.

Mr. Cat: No my old phone, I just changed it, it was smashed to bits.

Lindsey Vonn: Well that’s not fun adrenaline.

Ski alpin WM in Are

Mr. Cat: Ohhhh it’s fun, because then you have the adrenaline of maybe cutting your finger on the glass.

Mr. Commenter: I agree that it’s fun, but if you break it and have to go wait in line at the Apple Store, that is the least adrenaline thing you can do.

Lindsey Vonn: Yeah, exactly.

Mr. Cat: You’re not a real adrenaline junkie.

Lindsey Vonn: I would like to jump put of an airplane. P.K. (Subban, her fiancé) won’t let me. He’s like, “I don’t want you to die.”

Mr. Cat: People don’t die jumping out of airplanes. I mean, people have died jumping out of airplanes, but people have died doing everything.

Lindsey Vonn: Actually, that is a very valid point.

Mr. Cat: If you have a case on your phone and you’ve never jumped out of an airplane you’re not a true adrenaline junkie.

Lindsey Vonn: I swam with sharks and skied at 85 MPH, I think I trump you.

Having very little experience on the ski slopes, my checklist when taking a ride on the lift before going down is 1) have fun, and 2) don’t die. Knowing that skiing a double black diamond probably gives Vonn very little of a rush after all that she’s been through in her career, it makes sense that she wants to up the stakes a little bit and jump out of a plane. Mr. Cat does raise a solid point though, you are putting yourself at risk with literally anything you do, so what’s the difference between going skydiving and doing anything else?



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