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Penny Hardaway Wants To Create A College Basketball Event - But Only For Those Programs Coached By NBA Players From The 90s

You know what, fuck it, I'm all in on this idea. Penny doesn't give a shit about the good old boys club and I love that about him. Now, I should preface that I love Penny whenever he isn't trying to take a shot at John Calipari or Kentucky. Talk all the shit to Rick Barnes you want and you'll have my support. But this? This is how you capitalize on nostalgia. Line up a tournament with Penny, Jerry Stackhouse, Patrick Ewing and Juwan Howard? Yes, please. Start selling NBA Jam shirts outside the arena, hell put NBA Jam arcade games in the arena for halftime entertainment. 

The real question is why limit it to just these four teams? Let's get Pacific and Damon Stoudamire involved. Let's get Dan Majerle (Grand Canyon) involved. Shit, let's just make this the NBA Jam Tournament 

I want everything in college hoops to get more creative, especially when it comes to scheduling. We need as many eyes on the game as possible early on. Yeah, I know we always lose some to football and those who say 'college basketball doesn't start until March.' Well, this is for the rest of us. You're telling me you wouldn't watch this? I bet you'd attend it if you live in the NYC area.