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The Entire NFC East Will Enter Week 15 Under .500, Should Be Replaced By Winnipeg Blue Bombers In The Playoffs

Week 15. There will be teams trying to figure out when they're going to start to rest some of their starters to make sure they have a fresh team heading into the playoffs at this point in the season. And the NFC East will, AT BEST, be trotting a pair of 6-7 teams out there. And that's only if the Eagles beat the Giants on Monday Night Football this week which is far from a given. Who knows what kind of malarky Eli Manning is capable of pulling now that he's back in charge. But yeah, week 15 and the entire division will be below .500.

I can't imagine when the Founding Fathers of the NFL gathered around to draft the rules of the league that they had anticipated a division being this dog shit. When they wrote that every division winner automatically qualifies for the playoffs, I'm sure they had envisioned a world of professional football where at least one out of every 4 teams could complete a throw and not let every mediocre quarterback they come up against look like Joe Montana. So when rules clearly become antiquated, it's time to make an amendment. And I truly, firmly believe that no team from the NFC East deserves to represent the division in the playoffs this year.

Instead, their place should be taken by the 2019 Grey Cup Champion Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Who says no? It would be a win-win scenario for all involved. The CFL would win because they'd get to see if their best team can hang with the NFL. The fans would win because they wouldn't have to watch any of these dog shit teams for at least one more game than they needed to already. And the NFL would win because, well, it's the NFL and the NFL always wins no matter what. So let's just get that little memory eraser from Men In Black, forget that the NFC East even exists this year, and give the Blue Bombers a chance. 

And while we're at it, let's set up an NIT type of tournament for all the shitty teams in the league so they can play for the 1st overall draft pick. We saw this with pro lacrosse this past summer. You take the NFC East and every other division loser in the league. Winner of that Shit Bowl gets to pick first at the 2020 Draft. You shouldn't be rewarded with that top pick just because you sucked so hard the year before. You need to earn it first, shoutout $20 Chef. 


It just seems like these are all great ideas to me and I don't understand how anybody with a functioning brain could disagree. Guess the only question left here is whether Roger Goodell has a functioning brain or not.