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Hopefully The Wilpons Selling The Mets Encourages Dan Snyder To Cash In, Sell Out, And Bro Down

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NY Daily News - Met fans have begged for new ownership, for years. Now they might just get it (in five years, reportedly). But if the Wilpon Era truly comes to an end (in half a decade), it’s worth taking a stroll down traumatic-memory lane to appreciate just what the Mets will be leaving behind (starting in just under 2000 days, if everything goes exactly right).


Rich people are all in a secret rich people club where they do rich people things together and laugh at us poor people. And I’m fine with that. Well, until these recent details came out about what billionaires are *really* up to, but let’s not talk about that right now. Let’s talk about the Wilpons. Terrible owners. Some of the worst owners in sports. But they don’t hold 500 candles in the wind to Dan Snyder. The man who has systematically destroyed the Redskins franchise from top to bottom. Who took the Skins from perennial Super Bowl contenders to annual laughing stocks of the league in the span of just 20 years. Teams used to be scared of playing the Skins in DC- now it’s an extra home game for them. Even JETS fans flooded FedEx Field because they were so confident their bum ass team would beat our Skins. The Jets!!!!! That’s how low the Skins have fallen in the eyes of the league.

So you know how we started this blog talking about how rich people are all in a secret club where they do rich people things? Let’s hope at their next rich person douche bag meeting the Wilpons gush about how nice having an extra $3 billion in their pockets is. How awesome it is to not have to own a team anymore. How they bought another island. How they got Jeffrey Epstein murdered.

Hopefully this is another domino pushing towards Lil Dan Dan selling. If the Wilpons can cash, sell out, and bro down, so can that dickhead Dan Snyder. Follow the Wilpons lead and go live your rich person life with your hands the fuckkkk off the Redskins.




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