I want to live the thrilling life of a soccer hooligan.

So yesterday I hopped on Common Man Gaming Hour with Zah where the chat was buzzing about some mid-week English Premier League matchups. Being a soccer centric chat, someone naturally brought up Green Street Hooligans and floated the idea of joining a firm. 

If you've never seen GSH or don't pay attention to soccer; a firm is a group of "hooligans" that follows a specific soccer club. For example, in the movie, the Green Street Elite are die-hard West Ham United fans who go to matches home and away to mostly scrap with opposing firms/fans.

After seeing GSH, I don't think I've ever wanted to be a part of something more than I want to be in a firm. In my brain, they're a student section with no rules. Just complete anarchy. Seemingly every firm gets into some intense scraps...

I know what you're thinking. "But Ethan, you'd get killed by hardened firm men, just look at you!". Strong disagree, everyone thought that about Elijah Wood in GSH, everyone thought he was just some softy American. Boy were they wrong. He turned out to be the opposite once he actually got involved with the gang. 


Sure, it's the fiction vs reality aspect but it's not like I would try and be the head of a firm. I would just try and be the guy who uses the gang to try to get off some quick jokes to take the constant tension out of the air. As soon as the fighting starts though, I'd probably eat a couple of punches and play dead unless there was someone I thought I could handle (not many). Hitting the pub with the lads before and after every footy match is the stuff made of dreams.

Which firm would I want to join? Well, Chelsea Football Club holds a very special place in my heart but sadly it seems that the Chelsea Headhunters (Chelsea firm) are very racist. I would never abandon the Chels so unless there is another Chelsea firm that doesn't associate with white supremacy, my dream of joining a firm is dead.

I just wanna work some middling 9-5, Monday-Friday job in England so I can become a football hooligan on the weekends? Is that too much to ask?