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TBT To The Zola Stripper Story, Which Is Now Getting Its Own Movie

Zola the stripper is one of the most insane, must-read twitter threads of all time. I don't know If I'm allowed to post the actual screenshots, so I'll route those of you who haven't seen it before here. I'll give you a few minutes to sift through it. 

I know, right! It's fucking crazy, and following along with it live was one of the best times I've ever had on twitter dot com. There was rumblings even back in 2015 that this had movie potential, and it looks like that has finally come to pass. I wanna say, this cast fucking rules. It looks like Taylour Paige (White Boy Rick) will play Zola and Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury Road) will play Jess. What I'm most excited for, though, is Nicholas Braun playing "Derrek" who is obviously Jarrett the Cuck. I cannot think of a single person more perfect to play an incredibly awkward/suicidal cuck dude than Cousin Greg himself.


Janicza Bravo (Lemon) directed and we're looking at a 2020 drop. Bart scott voice can't wait.