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UFC Fighter Says He Wishes He'd Killed The Terrorist




(Source) He busted the Boston Marathon bomber’s nose — but wishes he’d broken his neck. A UFC fighter who regularly sparred with Tamerlan Tsarnaev is haunted by the thought that he could have stopped the attack if he had just beaten the creep to death. “The only thing I wish is that I could have just kept hitting him and hitting him and hitting him,” John Howard told The Post as he prepared to get back in the ring at TD Garden Saturday for UFC Fight Night, the launch card for the new FOX Sports 1 network. Howard was a regular at Boston’s Wai Kru gym — the same place where the ex-Golden Gloves champ Tsarnaev, 26, worked out before he and his brother Dzhokhar, 19, detonated a pair of bombs at the Marathon’s finish line on April 15.



Guess what John “Doomsday” Howard? You’re on the squad. What squad is that, you ask? Oh just the Terrorist Beating Up Wrestling team. Pretty big deal, actually. Remember in It’s Always Sunny they have the Birds of War? And they just go around wrestling terrorists? Well they say art imitates life, so we’ll do just the opposite. John Howard, Gleeson and myself: the terrorist wrestlers. We’ll go coast to coast fighting every and all terrorists that have the balls to step in the ring with that tigerish threesome. Gleeson is the submission guy, Howard is the bruiser, I’m the loudmouth who doesn’t do shit. Topnotch team. Gleeson can put the terrorist in a rear naked choke while Doomsday bashes the life out of his face and I’ll dance around yelling that most middle eastern girls are ugly so if they actually had 40 virgins waiting for them it probably wouldn’t be worth it anyway. Birds of War baby!