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A Real, Honest Headline In 2019: DePaul Basketball Is BACK And It's Time To #RankDePaul

And just like that we found America's team in college hoops - DePaul. That's right, the same DePaul team that was always picked to finish last in the Big East. The same DePaul team that everyone screwed up Blue Demons nickname with the Blue Devils. The same DePaul team that is now undefeated with wins over Texas Tech, Minnesota, Boston College and Iowa - all high majors.

They have a bunch of talent - whether it's former Kansas/Cal player Charlie Moore, Romeo Weems (top-50 recruit) or upperclassmen like Jalen Coleman-Lands, Jaylen Butz (Butz, lol) or Paul Reed. DePaul is speeding the game up, playing one of the 50 fastest tempos in the country and just using that talent to its advantage. 

They are showing they can win in different ways - whether it's a fast paced game or an ugly, can't make shots the entire 39 minutes of the game like tonight. It doesn't matter, this DePaul team is actually good. 

The hashtag #RankDePaul was trending earlier this week and I blogged about it, but it's time. If you don't have DePaul in your top-25 polls you don't know college basketball. I will miss the value of betting on DePaul (seriously, I think we're 4-0 on them this year including tonight), but it's time. It's time to #RankDePaul