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Shout Out This Nuggets Fan Who Didn't Move An Inch After A Lakers Fan Threw A Haymaker Right At His Dome

I don't know the backstory here but I do know one thing. That Nuggets fan took that punch with ease. I don't care who you are, you get a haymaker to the face and you hardly react you deserve every single award out there. Getting punched in the face is fucking awful - probably the least hot take ever said on this here blog. But when you sort of half smile and just say something which appears to be along the lines of 'do you want to fight?' you won. 

It doesn't matter you didn't get to throw a punch back or that randomly the significant others are getting into a scrap right next to you. You're the highlight here. If we're being honest that couple had a NIGHT when they got home. The dude took a punch, the lady was winning her scrap. Sure, the Nuggets lost, but you won.