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Drake Is Blasting Jay Z Songs In His Gigantic Mansion In Honor Of Hov's 50th Birthday

Well isn’t that nice! Drake bumping Jay Z’s music in his GIGANTIC house in honor of Hov’s 50th birthday. Drake and Jay Z have a longgggggggggg and storied history that has many ups and downs but I’m not gonna rehash that in this blog. It’s just nice to see Drake playing the tunes of a man he called a mentor once upon a time. Regardless of where their friendship may be today, there’s no question that Drake looks up to the great Shawn Carter. I also like to think that Drake is celebrating that Jay Z’s music is back on normal streaming services. No way no how was Drake shelling out cash every month for TIDAL, he’s an Apple man. He’s gotta be thrilled that he can listen to Reasonable Doubt like the rest of us.

Seriously though, what a fucking house. Holy moly. Must be nice. Those sold out worldwide tours and record-breaking streaming numbers are no joke.