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I Think This Is The First Time I've Been Embarrassed By The Blackhawks


I’ve been angry, I’ve been disappointed, I’ve been somewhat apathetic. Being a Hawks fan has been a unique experience if you were born in the 80s. You remember how sweet the 90s were with Chelios, Roenick, and Belfour. You remember the dark ages, or at least the road games, Bell, Calder, Arnason(I might not have spelled his name correctly, but I don’t care), and Bill Wirtz. Then of course the last 10 years have been great beyond our wildest dreams with Toews, Kane, Keith, Hossa, Sharp, and Rocky Wirtz. In that wide range of emotions the one thing I’ve never felt was embarrassed. Even when games weren’t on TV and the fan base was dying and/or defecting to the Red Wings in the early 2000s I never felt embarrassed because at least Bill Wirtz had principles. He wasn’t showing home games on purpose. It was infuriating, but I can’t say I was embarrassed. This last week has been an embarrassment and I feel like nobody is banging the table about it.

It felt like everyday last week it was one punch after another. Giving up 12 fucking goals to Colorado in 2 games. Having injury, IR, salary cap issue that prevented them from having a full roster against the Blues. Then in that game against the Blues where they got smoked at home they had their biggest offseason trade piece get less than 13 minutes as Henri Jokiharju was pumping in goals on the Sabres top PP unit. Which is saying something because the Sabres have at least 6 defensemen who would be in the Blackhawks top 4. And then the cherry on top is this fucking Marc Crawford thing.

This quasi-suspension during the investigation of Marc Crawford is an absolute joke. The Blackhawks just look so stupid. The Hawks PR team knows about Spittin Chiclets. Bowman went on the show around the same time last year as Brent Sopel. If the organization actually cared or knew what Marc Crawford did back in his time with Vancouver or LA then they wouldn’t have hired him to begin with. I would guess that the Blackhawks didn’t do a proper vetting of Crawford because Scotty Bowman signed off on him because Scotty knows everyone, including Crawford’s son who is the video coach for the Hawks. Now, they’re feeling the heat because of the climate. Here is what the Blackhawks could’ve said if they knew what they were doing.

While the Blackhawks organization doesn’t condone the alleged actions by Marc Crawford, we thoroughly outlined what we deem as acceptable conduct by a Chicago Blackhawks employee. Coach Crawford expressed remorse and an understanding that his behavior over a decade ago has no place in our organization. We felt comfortable that Crawford has grown over time and learned from his mistakes as we all hope to do as we grow wiser with age. Due to the conversation and the thorough vetting by the Hockey Operations Department we felt comfortable hiring Marc Crawford as an assistant coach. Since joing the Blackhawks staff he has been an exemplary employee and a tremendous asset to our players and Jeremy Colliton. We have no further comment at this time”–Rocky Wirtz, John McDonough, Stan Bowman

Bang, done. It’s over. We are moving on. Instead the players and the organization will be continually questioned until they announce “findings”. It’s just clown moves over and over and over since summer 2017. Enough is enough. This is the Chicago Blackhawks. Be better.