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The Knicks Dumpster Fire Now Raging Blue Hot, Time To Start The Fire Dolan Movement



We made it! We made it to the top! The Knicks 2013-2014 Dumpster Fire finally rages Blue Hot. A very winnable game slips right through their fingers to after a surging comeback, a 4th quarter disappearing act, and a soul crushing defensive break down. The losing continues – now 6 of their last 7 – and its time for every remaining delusional Knicks fan to accept this team for what they are.

They are one of the worst, most pathetic teams in the worst NBA conference in a long, long time. No draft picks from now till about 2079. No cap room for the immediate future as Amare, Bargnani, and Chandler destroy their flexibility through the next season. Coach Woodson flat out sucks. Dude has been mailing it in since he had MSG spies tracking his every move. He looks clueless out there. Carmelo is a phony super star. I’m sorry but its true. I’ve been a Carmelo apologist at times this year because the cast of garbage characters around him isn’t his fault. But he’s still disappeared numerous and bottom line is a true NBA “superstar” wouldn’t be dwelling in the basement with the Bucks, the Magic, and the Sixers. They’re not going to win now or for the forseeable future. Even after they have cap room, nobody will want to come here. Because of one man – James Dolan.

When you look at a franchise and you’re listing out total embarrassments from top to bottom, on and off the court, you blame nobody but the owner. If it was just fat ass Raymond Felton bringing this team down, that would be one thing. If Woodson’s incompetence was the only issue, it would be a different story. But every single aspect of this team is a complete and unmitigated disaster. And that falls right at the feet of that fat Ewok Dolan. Another black eye for the franchise coming at the hands of the most incompetent owner in New York. The guy is more worried about his dumb ass band JD and the Straight Shots. He legit pays MSG employees to come listen to him. He’s more focused on the Knicks City Dancers than the team itself. He hires people to tail and spy on his own goddam head coach. And then he just shows up to work in the morning and says “I want Rondo” like this flaming pile of dog shit team could possibly put together a package to land a top tier point guard. Its incompetence and delusion that makes the Wilpons look like savvy sports geniuses. He’s the worst owner maybe in all of sports. Let the Fire Dolan movement begin.




PS – Even if you somehow disagree with anything I said about the 2013-2014 Knicks, just remember Dolan once gave Jerome James thirty million dollars. That alone should be enough to support this movement.