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Kendall Jenner Says Goodbye To Underwear And Hello To Bonerville

Hey Kendall, you’re making it really hard for me to hate you.  Sure your entire family is a pack of retarded wolves, you guys will do anything for attention (literally anything) and you and your sister just released a book about god knows what.  Your combined age with Kylie is 34.  What could that book possibly be about?  The only thing it could be about is how to be famous for reasons that are still unknown to the majority of the public because that’s what your life has been up to this point.  But despite all of that stuff, if you’re going to walk down a red carpet in a dress while not wearing underwear I have no choice but to like you.  I have very few rules in life but one of them is if a smoking hot chick says “I’m just not going to wear underwear while wearing a dress with slits up to my waist” then I’m all in.  That’s just how it goes.  That dress is just ridiculous in the best way possible.

PS- Poor Kylie.  It has to be a mental beat down every time these two leave the house together.  Thoughts and prayers.