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Wake Up With A "Did You Know?": The Nazis Were Obsessed With Finding The Lost City Of Atlantis

It’s that time of year when my remote control ends up going away from sports and towards History, Smithsonian, and AHC. And if you end up on one of those channels there’s like a 60% chance you’ll be watching a show about the Nazis. I don’t know why that is, but people must love watching Nazi related content because those channels ALWAYS go back to the well.

It turns out that those Indiana Jones movies weren’t that far-fetched. Hitler was OBSESSED with the occult and ancient religious artifacts. They had the Spear of Destiny. Which was the spear used to stab Jesus on the cross. They did look for the Holy Grail. They wanted the Ghent alterpiece. And apparently, they were obsessed with finding Atlantis. They had this whole creepy room that looks like it belongs in a Scientology church

atlantis nazis

Why Atlantis? Because the Nazis were convinced that they were the ancestors of the people from Atlantis. “A super race of highly intelligent advanced people? IT HAS TO BE US?”–Hitler, probably. Imagine dedicating a SHIT TON of resources in the middle of a World War to finding super natural powers, aliens, and the occult. Probably not the best strategy. That’s what happens when you’re high on meth and opium for a decade I guess.


We did a Dogwalk episode on Atlantis and the Nazis were looking in the wrong spot. It’s totally right there in Northern Africa.