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CT Has Finally Arrived

I'm a week late here because of Black Wednesday, but THANK GOD that it seems like CT is finally back. It was actually physically painful watching him just go with the numbers when the numbers are controlled by some of the most unlikable people on earth. Almost was like watching Kobe at the end in LA. You just sat there awkwardly and waited and waited and waited, hoping that he'd turn it back on at some point because you just can't question a guy like CT or Kobe who are legendary.

It seems that CT still has a good amount left in the tank physically though. No idea why it took him so long strategy-wise to get it back on track, but the important thing is that we're here and we need Team UK to beat the shit out of Team USA. It feels weird typing that, but I know that almost anybody who is a fan of the show is agreeing with me right now.

CT, Jordan, Rogan, Tori, and Dee


Paulie, Zach, Leroy, Kam, Ashley, Cara Maria, and Ninja

Let's ride!

P.S. - Poor Nany.