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The Philadelphia Flyers Just Bullied The Toronto Maple Leafs Harder Than Mike Babcock Could Ever Dream Of

(Oh no. Auston Matthews, baby. What is you doing? The answer is nothing). 

We'll get the full recap blog tomorrow but oh my sweet lord jesus. The Philadelphia Flyers team are, how we say in the biz, here to fuck shit up. This team went on an absolute tear in the month of November. They follow that up with a game tonight against the Toronto Maple Leafs at home. It was a relatively even game for most of the night with both teams getting plenty of chances. Before the final 5 minutes of the game you could say that Carter Hart was the most important player of the night in a low-scoring game. That wasn't necessarily the case anymore after the final 3:28 of regulation where the Flyers scored not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR GODDAMN GOALS in the final 3 and a half minutes of regulation to shit pump the Leafs. 

I mean what a breakout pass from Phil Myers out to Travis Konecny here to start this rush. But that wasn't even the best Phil Myers pass of the final 3 minutes. It was a beautiful tape-to-tape breakout and then I love Konecny getting extra spicy here by looking off the Captain and just firing one past Andersen, right after he had the assist to Giroux for the game winner.

Then Toronto decided to pull their goalie. Not a great idea! 

Then Toronto decided to put their goalie back in. Again, not a great idea!


Good for Gostisbehere. He hasn't been having the greatest season so far this year but he was definitely having a great game tonight. He deserved to get on the board.

And then remember when I said that there was an even better pass from Phil Myers to close out tonight's game? Well get a load of this air mail to JvR from the rookie. 

That was sexual.

I mean it was a respectable loss for the Maple Leafs against a hot Flyers team if the game would have just ended after the empty netter. But to then turn around and give up 2 more goals after that? Sheesh!  

Fuck Mike Babcock and everything but Babs is probably somewhere in Canada right now laughing like Dr. Evil.  

What a win. Boys are buzzin.