Barstool Fantasy League Week 13 Recap: The Radio Boys

So that's it. Thirteen weeks later, the regular season has come and gone and it's time to see who has been good enough to advance into the playoffs and who will share the dubious distinction of last place and a 12-hour radio shift. Let's take a look at what fruits a full season has produced.

LCB (6-7) 114.30, Hank (5-8) 81.10

This was one of several battles in the final week of the regular season where the winner would advance to the playoffs while the loser was left outside in the proverbial cold. Hank did not have his best week, with only two players in double figures, while LCB got more than enough to get the job done and sneak into the postseason. Just gotta get into the dance.

Smitty (8-5) 127.82, Breakfast Plus Balls (10-3) 98.30

Smitty gets a very important win to move him up on the seed line going into the playoffs, but the loss was ultimately meaningless for Balls, as the Breakfast squad still ends up in the No. 1 spot, a game ahead of PMT.


Big Rat Walkbags (6-7), Pardon My Take (9-4) 82.96

Despite the difference in records, this matchup was critical for both squads, as the Walkbags were fighting for a playoff berth and PMT was still in contention for the No. 1 spot. Ultimately, the degenerate trifecta got enough -- thanks in no small part to Ezekiel Elliott's seven receptions -- to sneak into the postseason field and live to fight another day.

Coley (6-7) 126.92, Clem (5-8) 104.00

This was another matchup to determine a playoff spot, and Coley came out on top. George Kittle and Tyler Lockett combined for just 3.40 points for Clem, who was projected to win by 25 points. But DeVante Parker had a huge day with 159 yards and two touchdowns to propel Coley into the playoffs.

Rone (7-6) 142.10, Fran and Kate (5-8) 132.76

I would say this was a pretty good fantasy week for Rone, but he actually came in dead last in the producers' league and will be producing the 12-hour radio show of the content league loser.But congrats to him on still being alive in the content league, I guess.

Fran and Kate narrowly avoid last place after flirting with danger most of the season.

Team Portnoy (7-6) 101.34, The Baseball Boys (4-9) 85.42

Well, we finally know who will be on the radio from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Hubbs and Chaps were just never able to get it going this season, so I hope they have 12 hours of material prepared -- maybe Producer Rone can help them out. TeamPortnoy advances to the playoffs and has a shot at the title.

Team of the Week: Smitty

Suckbags of the Week: Hubbs and Chaps


Playoff Bracket: